Within Reason Excerpt:

The last time he'd really danced had been at Autumnal, almost a year ago. The fire was his partner. The heat centered him against the black and orange void he faded into. Trey worked his body slowly into the main arc he wanted to follow, rolling left and right, letting his limbs learn the boundaries of sand and sky. The crowd quieted, and the drums wound tighter.

Trey felt the moment when Niko slid into place behind Isabo. He could picture them in his mind. Niko, tall and broad, golden in the firelight, his features blending with the shadows. Isabo, her hair and eyes flowing into the night with him, her skin a lighter gold, her curves...

Oh, her curves...

Trey's hips and shoulders caught the counter beat, while his arms and legs took the main rhythm. Sweat gathered on his face and arms. Spinning, he tore his vest off and flung it from the fire. Whistles and applause made him smile, but he was already lost in the drums again.

The top of her head would come to just below Niko's shoulder. He'd lean his head down, those sculpted, full lips so close to her tiny ear. Niko's breath was warm, and smelled of wine. Her human nose wouldn't scent Trey's flavor on his breath, but she might catch the scent of sweat around her. Good sweat, from family and Clan, not sour sweat of sorrow and nightmares.

Trey heard the hiss of sand hitting the fire from his stamping feet, let it drive him into a spinning leap. The crowd murmured and clapped, and the other dancers melted away around him. Silence lowered. She'd be watching him now. Trey lunged and kicked, one motion, his arms flowing behind, and knew that his leather pants and strong movements would hide his erection from most.

Niko's hand would hover over her shoulder, his heat both greater and softer than the flames that scorched Trey now. His body swam through the drums, and Trey roared his triumph, kick-spinning over the bonfire. Rolling into an arcing spin, Trey flung himself around and around and around, circling the fire, winding his forbidden lust for the quiet woman with the soul of iron into a tiny secret ball.

The people roared for him as he came back around the water for a second time. The drums popped, accenting the end of the sequence, and Trey dove, rolling in the sand, thrusting into the air again as if he were a hawk. Niko would bend to her other ear, subtly drawing her into the shadows.

Trey landed, swaying and thrusting, weaving his body now like rain. Has anyone thought to hold you lately, lovely Lady? It was as if Niko whispered in Trey's own ears, the words came to him so clearly.

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"Within Reason is an amazing read. Once I started I did not want to put it down ... The story is hot and the love between the three of them is amazing."

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"Within Reason was hot as hell in a very good way! The passion between Trey and Niko was smoldering. The care and grace with which they took possession of Isabo was mesmerizing and at a time when she needed it the most. The way Trey and Niko force Isabo to deal with the loss of her bonded Jace is heart wrenching and soul mending at the same time."

A reader review from Jen McKenzie:

"Some of my favorite stories have the "Second Chance" theme and I had high hopes when I read the blurb for this book. Mima exceeded my expectations. ... This is my favorite of Mima's Bonded series, though I've loved them all. Mima has a unique talent of making me care about her characters and that makes her books an awesome escape into her fantasy world."