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Lauren, Riding Off Trail

Get ready to ride! Dare to decide Lauren's romantic fate in this playful, erotic ebook-where your choices have the power to change the heroine's story with a single click. Help Lauren navigate the Wild West where the vistas-and cowboys-are untamed.

Lauren is successful, sophisticated, and craving relaxation. She arrives at the Cloud Canyon dude ranch eager to forget about work and kick up her heels. This bold city girl finds no shortage of rugged men willing to show her the Wild West, whether they're at a waterfall, a hoedown, or bareback riding. Your choices bring Lauren to one of nine sexy conclusions-you decide if she'll enjoy the Montana sunset-or a roll in the hay!

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Featured Review (of a prior edition):

A reader review from Kara:

"I just read this whole series, and it was a lot of fun. ... Once I read through to my first ending, I loved going back and exploring all the other possibilities and making sure I'd seen every ending. I appreciated that not each story line ended happily, and sometimes stupid decisions led to ugly consequences."

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Charlotte, Prowling For Enchantment

Finally, it's Charlotte's time to have a sexy adventure like the kind Gram loved to remember. Little does Charlotte know the cruise vacation she's booked is the annual gathering of fantastical singles looking for action. When the Caribbean moonlight triggers Charlotte's long dormant mystical bloodline, werewolves, vampires, and elves abound. Trusting a pretty face is what the fairy tales warn you of... for a reason. A moment's decision can change the course of a person's future. Take control, revel in magic, and watch out for mermaids.

How It All Began

Featured Review (of a prior edition):

angel Thoughts (angel Graham)

"It kept me on my toes and had me wondering just what poor Charlotte had gotten herself into when she decided to take a cruise. ... Charlotte is one of three interactive books just put out by Mima. I've only read this one, but guarantee, I'll be reading the next two asap! ... Mima has given Charlotte a happy ending but there is a not so happy ending, some uh-oh endings and I read one that was, NO! I didn't want it to happen that way ending. This is part of what compelled me to agree to review this book for Mima, when she stated that it wasn't all happy endings. Mima believes as I do, that even in fiction, it is not always a happy ending. I enjoyed my read of Charlotte, and highly recommend it to all readers. If you can't abide an ending that isn't happy, this may not be the book for you. If you like the anticipation and not knowing what will happen, then this book will make you dance with glee."

Becca, Reporting for Duty

Watch out for heat pistols! In this third erotic, interactive ebook of the Dare to Decide series, clicking a link has never been hotter. Your choices steer young space intern Becca through a maze of lovers who will all impact her career.

Becca is ready to hit her first star course as an engineer and she's going to keep her family's naval pedigree a secret. But upon arrival at her space trader, the captain meets her with a suspicious yet alluring offer. Soon she faces smuggling intrigue, a mysterious cryo prisoner, and plenty of interesting bed partners...some of whom are not human. Will Becca find deadly battles, true love, or both by the time you reach one of the sixteen endings? Dare to decide again and again as you explore the depths of icy fear and passionate danger space can bring.

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Featured Review (of a prior edition):

Frida Fantastic 4/5 Stars

"It's a fast-paced adventure and I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. ... I really liked Becca as a protagonist. She's an ambitious, capable, and passionate woman, and I was invested in her by the time I was confronted with the first choice. All the available options are valid and there are no obvious answers. There are just risky choices and less risky choices, but some pay off while others kill off."