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Dark Currents

Introducing... the Elemental Series

Xia is a guardian, a dreamer witch assigned to spy on the elements nightly, her charge to help retain the balance between the four and prevent global catastrophe. Assigned to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, she struggles with the currently ascendant and most deadly of elements, water. To aide her, the Council assigns the local selkie, dark-eyed Adam. Curt and hard, her attraction to the maddening man mystifies her. Adam and Xia combine their skills as water continues to wake. Only through the black depths of Adam's strength can Xia survive the trials by air, earth, and fire that she is forced into in order to stop the world from drowning.



Featured Review:

Just Erotic Romance Reviews (Karen Haas) Rating: 4.5

"...well written and enthralling. ...the sexy selkie stole my heart with his quiet strength and easy manner... Xia is beautiful outside and in with an intense sense of duty and bravery that made me glad she was on our side."