Future Found Excerpt:

When she stirred, he let her go. She sat up, straddling him. Her hair was no longer a smooth, shining cap with bangs to her brows and a swing along her jaw. It was tousled, sweaty. His dick stirred. She began the slightest rocking motion against his pelvis. He wasn't sure if she even knew she was doing it.

"You want to tell me what that was all about?" he asked quietly. His voice was gritty.

"The initiation, as requested."

He considered her. She was smart, and still pissed. Best not to underestimate her.

"The initiation need be nothing more than your unveiling, and a skin on skin touch. Your presentation far surpassed that."

"I didn't hear you arguing." She pressed firmly down, grinding on his erection, which was painfully angled down by her stance. Then she commenced her gentle rocking.

"You are magnificent, as I already shared. The second time was a nice warm-up for tonight."

Her brown eyes hardened to stone. "And then I want to see the oak again."

"All right."

"The oak that shouldn't exist."


"Others must know."


"Who? Why? Your fortune is made."

"If you really want to talk to me about how and why I've adopted the oak, or why I am keeping it secret, I'll be happy to tell you. But once I tell you, you can't undo the knowledge. You'll have to live with it."

"You mean, I'll have to support you."

"You'll want to."

"You're annoying."

His lips twitched. "I've done a full psych history on you, Shay-non. You'll want to support our efforts with the oak if you know about it. I wouldn't have approached you otherwise. But it's dangerous." He played her pride, her pique.

"You've already endangered me just by telling me about it."

The one thing he was truly sorry for. They needed her. "Not like this. You have a choice not to know what I'm doing. Just say you were tricked into the contract, you Sang, and left."

"You admit it! You're like a mad conductor treating people's lives like instruments in your own private song only you can hear."

The truth of that statement unnerved him. Sometimes he felt the ache of the responsibility his gift gave him. He needed Spirit's guidance more than most, to always understand he wasn't a puppet master, but working for the greater good. "You couldn't have been seduced by the cotton if you weren't about to snap from isolation. I stand by that belief."

Otherwise he would have approached her years ago. But she hadn't been ready. She'd needed to be weaker. Dammit. He'd had no choice but to ache, waiting for her. There could be no chance of her having the will to resist.

She frowned down at his chest, still rocking on him. Her wetness had soaked through the cotton to his lower belly. He didn't feel bad about messing the rare pants at all. Her tiny body grinding on his aching, unsatisfied flesh was worth a hundred pairs of cotton pants.

"I have news for you, elite. People tend to resent coercion. If that wasn't a generational oak, the only thing my brain would be focused on would be how to screw you for playing me like a fool."

"I have never, will never, think you a fool. But this isn't coercion, Shay. This is destiny. There's no one else more suited to aiding me than you. The power in this relationship is definitely in your favor."

Swooping low, she mouthed his collarbone, her breasts nestling on his chest. Her lips were soft and busy, her tongue hot and lashing. "Sand," she whispered to his throat, "I don't believe you." She nipped him. "I don't like you." She kissed the sting gently. "I don't trust you." Leaning up, she hovered over his ear. "But for not taking advantage of me while I was out of my mind with the cotton, I'll listen to what you have to say."

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