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Bitter Gold

appearing in the anthology Bound Among the Stars

with Jennifer Leeland

In the future, a man's name is still the key to freedom when an innocent woman is bound to an alien slave.

Stillskin plots for the day he'll be free of the powerful addicts who misuse his power. The only spot of pleasure in his life is the kind baker he sees once a week, Liese. Then one night, she is named their newest victim. He is the most exotic thing she's ever seen, dark and stoic. She finds the way he handles his enslavement with dignity as moving as his intellect. When she is kidnapped and taken to the decadent enclave, she believes it means her death. Then Stillskin convinces her to fight back. Now two friends are trapped in a dire race for freedom. Can Liese discover Stillskin's true name and release him from his bondage before the addiction takes her?

Featured Review:

Got Erotic Romance (Brecken Stevens) 4 Diamonds

"The world building and creativity in these stories are very well done. ... Sex-wise, spicy doesn’t do the stories justice. They are explicit, but romance and love do grow... Sci-fi readers looking to spice things up will enjoy this one."

Mirror Image

written with Bonnie Dee

Captain Frederick Ravenscraft has been duplicated during a rare space storm. Now the two versions of the sexy space trader disagree over which of them is the original, and which of them is in charge. Two unique, heated kisses and one bar brawl later, Agent Mara Brannigan wakes up in the care of the fugitives she was supposed to apprehend. Mara needs to do some fast talking to meet the needs of her heart and her job. Will she get through to her hard-headed captains, or will she be forced to make a choice between love and duty?



Featured Review:

The Romance Studio (Shannon)

"...a creative and utterly tantalizing story that is filled with smart pacing and well-rounded characters ... the sizzling danger and passion leap off the pages. ... This romantic madcap space adventure is pure delight and a joy to read."





Light on the Water

also appearing in the anthology Pleasure Bound

When Sid was twenty-two, a summer storm took her. And then a merman brought her back. Not content with his decision, she dedicates herself to finding him again, ruthlessly exploring the waters of Bermuda. He's the most beautiful thing she's ever seen, and every inch of her sings "yes" in his presence. When she finds him again, her battle has just begun. For matches between their peoples do not often end happily...

Featured Review:

ParaNormalRomance (Silver Winters)

"This story is not the sweet romance where a magic wand is waved and everything's all right ... I like that Sid knew what she wanted and she had the guts to go and fight for it."

First Date

Love is...Being Noticed

Army veteran Cord needs help. He reaches out to the lovely young woman who lives in his building, the one with the bounce in her step and a vivid soul. Unfortunately, the only way he feels able to connect is by hacking her life. It was wrong, but Operation Sanity required dire measures. Then she agrees to give him another chance. Savvy city-girl Mia is astonished and outraged when her unwanted protector announces he's ready to ask her out. Their first meeting-through a locked door-doesn't go well. But finally, Mia has to admit she's interested and perhaps even a little touched. Exploring a first date, they acknowledge their odd friendship is important to both of them, and discover a fiery lust capable of healing the loneliest heart.

First Date was previously published in the out-of-print anthology Love Is...


Featured Review:

A reader review from Maria

"My immediate reaction was Wow! This story was a real winner for me. Featuring a soldier struggling with PTSD and the woman who lives in his building, the budding relationship that starts with email and progresses to a personal meeting is filled with emotion and heat. The writing style was riveting and I only wished the story could have been longer, there was so much emotion and thought that went into it."


Love Is... Winter Romance

First Fight

Love Is... Forgiveness.

Cord has been working hard on keeping his cool, but his new girlfriend blows his mind. Mia is sweet and honest and a firecracker in bed. So when his PTSD shows its ugly self for the first time in their short relationship, he's got a new mission: Be Normal.

Luckily, their knock-out chemistry and a pretty snowfall not only help him make a proper apology, but lead him to fulfill an intense fantasy. Winter steam, lace bras, and a surprisingly sexy boot-removal are all just part of date night with this ex-soldier and his charming sweetheart.

Cuddle up with the 2nd Love Is... anthology - the Winter Romance edition!

Discover thirteen romantic shorts with something for everyone: sweet, sexy, contemporary, paranormal, suspense, historical, and more!

From dragons to soldiers, from first loves to last loves, you'll find just the right bite-sized story for your taste. Each story is the perfect match for a cup of coffee or a relaxing pause before bed. Whether you want a sweet, tender tale or a spicy read sure to fog up your screen, we've got a story for you.

This compilation includes stories by Skye Jones, Christa Maurice, ReGina Welling, and Lori Whyte. Other authors include: Melisse Aires, Lyn Brittan, Fionn Jameson, Ani Gonzalez, Erin Lynn, Patty MacFarlane, Megan Matthews, Mima, Jayelle Morgan, and Amy Quinton.

All proceeds from this anthology will benefit a non-profit children's literacy program. The anthology is organized by USA Today Bestselling Author Ellis Leigh and Vivienne Westlake.