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In Service

Introducing... Team Epsilon 983

When a lonely warrior who has never fully let himself go because of his "gift" of berzerker rage meets a woman who actually expects him to do so, he's shockingly tempted. In the fight of his life, Shon's team is saved because of Malla's open spirit and dazzling sexuality. But after the mission, the thrill of success is ripped away when he discovers she has faced his berzerker state... alone.

She trusted him to be more human than he is, and he tragically, horrifically proved her wrong. There's no way he deserves her heart, he no longer deserves her body, and he can't possibly continue with his team, facing their knowledge of what he's capable of. No one should ever face his Fury again. Broken, the team scatters, the defeat of their enemy small comfort to the shattering of their family. War takes its toll on all of them, until Shon finally sees the truth of what it means to have someone believe in him.

EPPIE 2009       4th Annual Passionate Plume Finalist



Featured Review:

Joyfully Reviewed (Zayn)

"In Service blew my mind. The eroticism was matched only by the depth of love shared between Malla and Epsilon 983. In Service is exciting action, scorching sex and enduring romance-extraordinary."